In the Media

Seattle Times article about Talia

This is the feature on Talia, “A Lost Voice,” written by Mike Baker of The Seattle Times.  It made Talia a household name in Seattle and changed the direction of our lives.

Naomi’s Op-ed

After the CEO and neurosurgeon resigned from the hospital where Talia died, Naomi wrote this piece for The Seattle Times to clarify that many providers were responsible for the poor care Talia received and ultimately, her death.

Seattle Times about DOH investigation

The Washington State Department of Health conducted an investigation into Swedish hospital, citing them on numerous deficiencies related to patient safety. The Seattle Times published the story and included the report, in which Talia is Patient #1.  This investigation confirms all that we experienced inside the hospital.


How Hospitals Kill Our Loved Ones and Conceal It

Dr. David Katz writes about his personal experience of being unable to advocate successfully for a family member in a hospital.