Welcome to Talia’s Voice: Projects for Patients Safety. We hope our posts will spark conversations and generate discussions regarding various aspects of patient safety. Nearly every person has been or will be a patient, so we hope the posts in “What We’re Thinking” will be of interest to most everyone. There is a lot to consider when it comes to patient safety, and in particular, about the role of listening, hearing, empathy, believing, and communicating between personnel on medical teams and between providers and patients.

We hope you’ll join us as we explore and express ourselves here. We welcome your feedback and hope that if you work in medicine, you’ll discuss some of these topics with your coworkers, as well as with those you supervise or those you answer to. If you are a patient yourself, or an advocate for one, we hope you’ll take ideas sparked here and talk with your doctors and other healthcare workers. If we all take it upon ourselves to generate deep conversation with regard to patient safety, it will help in the fight to keep every patient safe.

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