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On February 11, 2018, the annivesary of Talia’s airway occlusion and coma, Mike Baker of the Seattle Times published a story about the work we are doing here at Talia’s Voice. As Jeff and I relive the awful details in “real time” through flashbacks to 2014, we are reminded again of how important and necessary our work is. No matter how long it takes, we will work to change the culture in medicine, to make listening and communication values in and of themselves. Not only will this lead to compassionate care that feels better, but it will keep patients safe and save lives.


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  1. They haven’t changed the culture that took her life- maybe in a very tiny local way (neuro ICU) but not in any meaningful way as an organization. As an ICU nurse working for Swedish I am sickened to see they didn’t jump at the chance to work with you. It makes me ashamed of my employer because the culture is so broken.

    Thank you for making a difference and speaking up.

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